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Medicine Music

Use these songs during contemplation exercises, meditation, yoga, trance state etc... 

These songs can literally put you in a different Frequency!

I've collected many of these songs in my travels through central and South America where I sat with traditional indigenous elders and Medicine keepers. 

Feel the vibration and notice the shift in your frequency

Ayla Schafer

Listen to this while meditation, contemplating, driving etc.... feel your vibration shift! 

All songs written & arranged by Ayla Schafer Edited by Txai Fernando, Matthew Tweed & Nils “Noa” Lausund Produced by Ayla Schafer and Txai Fernando Mixed by Txai Fernando Mastered by Jock Loveband @Urban Studios, Norway Released by NIXI MUSIC Artwork by Cedric Menard Design by Irene Domínguez Photography by Camilla Coutinho Silva Cover Font designed by Sarah NotenboomChapters

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