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Monthly Habit Builder

Do you have one healthy habit that you just can't seem to crack?

  • Giving up soda/junk food
  • Cooking at home more
  • Developing a morning movement practice
  • Getting into the gym 3x a week (for example)
  • Blocking out time to journal/meditate/reflect

If you are juggling an already busy schedule, it can be helpful to have a coach to co-create an accountability plan; to dive into the nitty gritty of making a new implementation in your day that would bring you one step closer to your goals - to YOUR vision of a healthier you.

Sometimes a "protocol" isn't specific enough for your life

Only you know what barriers you face: mentally, physically, environmentally. Let a trained Master Coach (MPHC) help you find ways to hold yourself accountable so after our time is over, you have the tools, mindset, and goal-setting techniques to implement a new habit a month and MAKE THEM STICK

Some things I Can Help With: 

Most people have far better success controlling their weekly nutrition if they are able to carve out 60-90 minutes to make a bunch of delicious, nutritious, satiating food. Usually happens on Sunday (or the day before the start of your week.) 

BUT, what happens mid-week when the food runs out? Do you turn back to grabbing something quick out of the door? Running off of snacks?

Meal Prep: Let's find the time and resources you need to take back your meals

Shopping: You might have all the ambition and tools in your kitchen, but making it to the store is the first step for success! Let's carve out a time and anticipate barriers

Style Sustainability: Some people can run off the same food with minor variation, some people need lots of new recipes to try. Let's find what works for you!

I used to only program resistance training for people and while I still think resistance training is the SINGLE BEST FORM OF MOVEMENT - along with walking (Check out my video on all the benefits HERE) to impact your metabolism and bulletproof your endocrine, immune, & musculoskeletal systems along with cognition,

I recognize that some people just don't enjoy it.

Therefore, the best form of movement is whatever way you enjoy moving, everyday, and something you will be able to progress in.

Let's devise a schedule and find resources that fit your lifestyle and level of comfort!

  • Group exercise program
  • Yoga/Mobility/Pilates
  • Strength and Conditioning Training
  • Functional Training
  • Walking/Jogging/Swimming/Biking/Trail Running

Let's go over the barriers showing up in your life for enjoying movement, any gear concerns, and start getting the blood flowing!

Quality sleep is the #1 factor that impacts your recovery, cognition, performance, and longevity. Poor sleep hygiene will negatively impact:

Performance: productivity, physical capability, cognitive performance are dramatically impacted by poor sleep

Recovery: sleep is your body's time to repair and build every cell and tissue of your body. You become your best self sleep

Memory/Cognition: sleep deprivation (less than 6 hrs/night) has the same affect as being intoxicated to your brain

If you don't know where to start, we can look to modern discoveries (which mimic ancestral practices) to re-align your body with your built-in circadian rhythm that dictates your hormonal state and optimal sleep/wake cycles.

Our modern world is bananas. Meetings, conferences, rush hour, digital stimulation, fear-based news, social media - all work on our STRESS pathways.

Some stress can be eliminated.

Some stress can be minimized.

Some stress is good for us (eustress)

What I can help with is finding techniques and protocols that you can deploy in your every-day situations to keep the primary stress hormone, CORTISOL, in reasonable levels so that it doesn't interfere any more than necessary in 

  • MOOD

Stress is the #1 cause of inflammatory disease and poor metabolism because of the way in which it prevents us from accomplishing proper nutrition choices, signaling, cognition, executive decisions, and restorative sleep.

Let's find the ways in which we can ELIMINATE, MITIGATE, AND MANAGE your unavoidable daily stress.

How it works:

  • Total of 4 x 20 min weekly Strategy Calls via Zoom (or phone call)
  • You will book your first 30 min slot (first appt is longer) on my calendar immediately after purchasing this product
  • You will be sent an intake form to fill out with what you have been working toward and what you have noticed about yourself
  • Each call will be intentionally set by you and we will go over your values, ideal vision for your peak health, & what you are working toward
  • Each session you will walk away with a co-created strategy after having visualized all potential obstacles, confidence levels, and REASONS for change and actionable SMART GOALS for the next week

Bonus: Receive 10% off any of my full coaching packages

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